Wanna play hoops in your court?

As you will see from our website, we have a great basketball product – the Auto Hoop. This is one of those products that you sit back and think “Geez….why didn’t I think of that?” In the world of racquetball and squash court construction, it’s not often that you come across a new product in an industry that doesn’t change much. I am not trying to put down our industry but it’s not often that we come across or are able to introduce a new product that will change how people design their courts. For us, the Auto Hoop just happens to be one of those cool products that we’re excited about.
As you will see in the video on our website, the Auto Hoop is a retractable basketball backboard that hides behind the wall of the court. When you want to play basketball, you simply press a button and presto…a door folds down and the goal emerges. This is great for any type of court application, but is especially ideal for a racquetball or squash court where the walls need to remain flush for play. It doesn’t matter if the court is a residential court or used in a more public setting, it’s a great way to make the court multi-purpose without affecting the racquetball or squash players.
Some existing projects are evaluating how to integrate this into their existing court. This might be a little more of a challenge since space behind the walls is required but it is doable. The projects that will benefit from this the most are those that are still in the design stage since they can incorporate the storage space behind the court as part of their plans. No matter what phase of the project you are in, this is definitely one of those products that I foresee every court wanting to consider…it’s just that cool!

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