How Much Experience Do You Have?

With 37 years of court construction under out belt, we’d like to think we know “a little” (note the sarcasm) about what we’re doing when it comes to the construction of racquetball and squash courts.  Our company is unique in that we not only have the diversity in our background from a construction standpoint but also from a player’s standpoint.

Our interest in supplying and installing a quality court system stems from Randy Stafford’s, owner, long term commitment to the game of racquetball. Randy has played racquetball for over 40 years and holds many titles at a professional level as well as president of USA Racquetball. Randy’s playing experience combined with our construction knowledge enable us to only supply and install materials suitable to the highest level of professional play no matter the type of facility.

From a construction point-of-view, the other owner of The Court Company, Mike Mattingly, works diligently to ensure we’re providing each of our customers with a quality installation. Mike’s experience with the coordination and installation of the materials enables us to work on different types of projects – from “easy” installations to more complicated and custom, installations.  Mike, along with the rest of our team, take each project to heart so our products are installed not only to the owner’s expectations but also to our company standards.

Yeah, this might sound like a sales pitch, but it’s not often you come across a specialty company like ours that has a team with the longevity in this industry or this sport.  Within our small, specialized company, we have over 100 years combined experience!  Yes, that’s right…each member of our team has been working with racquetball and squash courts anywhere from 5-35+ years (per person)!  And…that doesn’t even dote on the longevity and experience of our field representatives!

We hope you will concur that we have the best team in this crazy industry.  We like to think there’s a distinct reason why you want to work with us…so why not contract with The Court Company to find out just why we’re the best court construction company in our industry.

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