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It’s always nice to look back at a court installation that was challenging and complicated and see how a great final product turned out.  We had that type of experience with a residential project in Missouri that wanted to be built to the width of a squash court but also wanted the flexibility of a moveable rear wall to temporarily convert from racquetball to squash, wanted the ability to play basketball without interfering with racquetball or squash play, wanted game lines on the floor for other sports, and wanted full height viewing.

When you ask how we can help customize your court to suit your needs, use this project as an example of what we can do for you! #Racquetball #Squash #WSF #AutoHoop #CourtCompany


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  • Can you build a squash and racquetball court with a preexisting solid back wall that can’t be removed? so a glass wall inside a regular wall? They will not rip down the back wall and there’s a battle to convert the court. I imagine you can put braces against the back wall made of some material like 2×4’s running down the back wall to brace the glass wall inside. Then when we want to convert to squash move the wall up. We would lose maybe 6 inches of the RB court but it’s better than losing the whole court. We already have a “false” front wall installed on another court to replace an older wall and lost a few inches and no one can tell the difference. What do you think?

    • Thank you for your question. Yes, you can install a moveable wall inside of an existing fixed wall, but it will protrude into the court approximately 6″ and it will create a non-flush surface for racquetball. So, you’d need to ensure your racquetball players are accepting of the interference with their game. I will email pictures to you, but if you have any questions, you can respond to erika@racquetballcourts.com.


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