Auto Hoop Retractable Basketball Backboard

For six years, Auto Hoop LLC has built innovative retractable basketball backboard units as a way to solve problems associated with portable and unsightly fixed units. The patented products are manufactured with extreme care to ensure customers have years of enjoyment.

Auto Hoop® was originally manufactured for exterior use on residential properties and now offers models for interior use. These include installations in racquetball and squash courts as well as other types of athletic rooms in residential and commercial projects. No matter what type of athletic space you are considering, we can find the product that is just right for you.

The Court Company is the exclusive dealer and installer of the Auto Hoop®. We will provide you with the best option for your space. Please contact us to discuss your project’s needs in more detail.

Auto Hoop Retractable Basketball Backboard (PT-10 Interior Application)

The Court Company is the exclusive dealer for the revolutionary indoor Auto Hoop® retractable basketball backboard system. This one of a kind system hides the basketball backboard assembly behind the wall of your indoor court. The uniqueness of the Auto Hoop® is that it allows users, such as racquetball and squash players, to install this system in their court without the basketball assembly interfering with the play of the game. This patented product is one of a kind and gives the court owner the best of both worlds. It gives them the ability to keep all wall finishes flush in the court and the option to simply push a button to temporarily convert the space for basketball.

As a requirement to hide and store the assembly behind the wall, you will need a minimum wall opening of 14″ high x 57″ wide and a clear framed space behind the opening of 72″ deep x 57″ wide x 16″ high. This framed space will require a 110v standard electrical outlet. This space does not need to be finished out and is strictly used for housing the basketball equipment when in the “retracted” position.

For the installation of the Auto Hoop®, we include everything required to complete the installation: the basketball backboard, breakaway rim, net, the Auto Hoop® mechanical/electrical apparatus, steel flush door, and the bracing for the assembly. If you give us the framed space and electrical power we’ll take it from there. Our standard backboard is a clear rectangular board but the retro fan shaped backboard is also available upon request.