About The Court Company

The Court Company is a nationally known and highly respected court construction firm. Established in 1976 by its original and present owner, Mike Mattingly, The Court Company is located in Germantown, Tennessee with a sales office in Castle Rock, Colorado. The Court Company prides itself on having the most respected and experienced construction staff in the industry.

When you contract with The Court Company, we will install the entire court. This includes the court framing, athletic wood flooring, impact-resistant glass walls and windows, and our pre-finished racquetball panels. The Court Company will transform your space—giving you years of quality service, with minimal upkeep, while keeping construction costs to a minimum.

We bring to the job site our professional expertise, complete plans, pre-tested court materials, and the quickest, most accurate, building installation experts in the country. Because our installation crews are professionals, they are willing to work beyond their means to complete a first-class installation. You will quickly learn why we are the best at what we do and why we are revered as THE court construction experts.

About The Court Company Management Team

Randy Stafford

Randy Stafford


Randy has played racquetball for over 45 years and was a top-ranked racquetball professional with regional, national, and world titles. Because of Randy’s previous experience as a touring pro, he and Mike were uniquely qualified to incorporate the best ideas and construction methods in all courts built by The Court Company. Currently retired, Randy is still actively involved with racquetball and continues to consult with The Court Company.

Mike Mattingly

Mike Mattingly

Founder & President

Mike has 40 years of experience in building racquetball and squash courts. A perfectionist and a stickler for detail, Mike insists that every piece of material used in a court is designed to be flawless and provide professional play. He is involved with all phases of the court construction—from design to finishing work. So if you have any concerns at all, Mike is the guy to call!

Erika Milligan

Erika Milligan

Vice President • Sales

Erika has over 24 years experience in the court industry as both project manager and the sale of racquetball and squash court systems. Not only does Erika work on projects within the United States, but she also works directly with clients on projects in countries around the world. Erika works closely with the other team members of The Court Company to ensure the quality of the materials and the installation of the court systems.

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