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At The Court Company, we are committed to building the best and most serviceable racquetball courts in the world. With the most qualified staff in the industry, we strive to provide our clients with a first class product and superior customer service.

The overall design concept of The Court Company’s racquetball system is a first class racquetball panel and a free standing system that is low maintenance. The essence of the design and quality of the materials ensures the courts meet professional design specifications and stand the test of time. It is also important to the overall appeal of a facility that after years of play, the courts can still be easily cleaned and still look new.  Unlike plaster systems, our walls do not chip or crack and never need painting.

For 40 years, The Court Company has remained an industry leader in court construction with a primary focus on racquetball court construction along with other types of athletic court systems. As the top racquetball court manufacturer and supplier, The Court Company makes the court construction process easy and complete.  We provide clients with a prefabricated wood panel system, steel framing, athletic glass walls and windows, wood flooring, light fixtures, doors, accessories, and installation.

Throughout our website, you will find information on racquetball court dimensions, products to use on the surfaces throughout the court, as well as additional details to consider for your project. If you have a question you cannot find on our website, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call, and we will be happy to offer assistance. We are here to help you build your racquetball court to the highest standards.

fsc-logoWith some of today’s clients and projects looking more towards LEED points and FSC materials, The Court Company also offers FSC products. If you need FSC panels or flooring for your project, please contact our office for more information.

When you contract with The Court Company, you can be certain every effort will be made to build a turnkey, maintenance free court of which you will be proud. The Court Company is THE court construction company!